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When will I get a test date?
Click here to find out using the RSA Test Date Estimator.


What driving habits that cost me money?

1.      Get up to a higher gear as possible when driving. This reduces fuel consumption by up to 14% and is better for the wear and tear on your engine.

2. Dashboard Warning Lights

Ignoring those warning lights can be expensive in the end. If your dash has any lights on get it checked as soon as possible.

3. Sudden Braking

Constant use of your brakes wears down your brake pads and reduces their efficiency. Decelerate to reduce speed.

4. Regular Car Servicing.

Yes it can be inconvenient but necessary to keep your car in top condition. Every 6 months your car should be serviced by a qualified mechanic.

5. Your Tyres

Check your tyres regularly for their pressure and wear and tear. This helps the car run more smoothly and also reduces fuel consumption.

6. Parking Your Car

Be careful not to hit the kerb when parking. This can knock off the tracking in your wheels and cause undue wear on your tyres.

7. What’s in Your Boot?

Constantly carrying around heavy loads on your car increases fuel consumption and wears down your suspension. Keep as little as possible in your boot when you can!

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